• Our services can be used to provide you a basic and preliminary reconnaissance of the area that need to be developed.


This will for the reference material for further work and hence, needs to be foolproof. Now why wait ?


Our services include

  • Sourcing and Compilation of Data
  • Preliminary Studies Based on Available Data
  • Field Surveys and Investigations
  • Preliminary Resources and Demand Surveys and Investigations
  • Preliminary Soil Investigations and Mapping
  • Pre-feasibility Studies, Comparing Alternatives and Formulation of Viable Project Concept

Feasibility studies

  • Scrutiny and Review/ Processing of Data
  • Field Studies Including Investigation and Surveys
  • Study of Development Potential
  • Engineering Studies and Designs
  • Socio-economic and Other Sectoral Studies
  • Systems Analysis and Comparison of Costs and Benefits
  • Development Programme and Evaluation
  • Preparation of Alternative Financing Plans
  • Preparation of Detailed Feasibility/Planning Reports