• Every project is an idea. That idea attains its final form in a 3D rendition. Here we can be of help to you.

3D Modelling

Our team of engineers and designer strive hard to provide you the best modelling at lowest costs. Civil 3D models are created by our civil engineering team to bring to life the designer’s contract drawings. Using the latest AutoCAD suite, we transform the two dimensional plans into vivid, rich, and accurate renderings. From the overall earthwork contours right down to small details like traffic posts and construction parking. In order to execute successful projects, it is beneficial to utilize the three dimensional models to better understand the designers intent.


Intaura offers AutoCAD Civil 3D Modelling services based on the great experience with the software during the years of working on a variety of the UK and international civil engineering projects. We can create a client customised Civil 3D templates, which are then used for 3D modelling throughout the whole project. Whether it’s a 3D model of the topographical survey, site plans, road and car parks, drainage design, underground services, ground re-modelling with earthworks calculations or any other typical land development design, Intaura can deliver highly professional 3D models, which meet BIM requirements and civil engineering standards.